One edge
hanging over the mountain--
the Milky Way



Mandy Smith of an esteemed contributor of the seasonal blogs for a long time, is going into a hospice and will not be returning.
Her intention was to delete her blog but, urged not to do so, has asked a friend to take it over and keep the contents online.

She has emailed many of her contacts and asked to say that she does not want anyone to mourn for her but thanks those who have made contact with her over recent years.
Our thanks and appreciatiation to Mandy for her contribution, and blessings and prayers for her.

Beatrice V

November darkness
a shower of meteors
no rain tonight

Autumn Haiku 2008 ©Mandy Smith 2008

1 comment:

Alan Summers said...

I was shocked when she contacted so many of us.

But I am glad her blog will stay open.

I urge everyone to leave a comment or a haiku or both at her blog.

All my very best to you Mandy, you will be missed! ;-)