One edge
hanging over the mountain--
the Milky Way


as the tree fades to yellow
the blue sky shift towards red
Indian summer  -
dogs leaping
at falling leaves
housebound these days
...'tis near chilly
..(C) 2011 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram
still dark
no birds to break
the silence
wraps the fields in silence
washes graves

the world seems empty
quiet and without wind
only streetlamp and I
take steps in the vacuum
autumn evening
a leaf falls  -
shivering circles
on the stream
yellow poppy
puts out autumnal flowers
cutting in dices
pieces of apple -
autumn moon


coupant en dés
des quartiers de pomme -
la lune d'automne
the dog
at the open window
cold breeze
dark window glass
how far is it from here
to cricket song?

kaca jendela
jauhkah dari sini
ke kerik jengkerik?
poppy heads
dry-rattle in the breeze
honesty pennies
Sunny recalled

early dusk
the sun slips away
with my heart

come harvest moon
you dance in meadows
while I sleep

fiery leaves
merely remembered
wither brown

sunshine on water
the fish in the garden pond
wait to be fed
misty rain
makes rainbows on wet roofs
spongy green moss
wild mushrooms
populate the field
crows ruffle feathers
against the chill wind
cherry trees shiver
long-sleeved sweat
for my morning footing -
summer capitulates


sweat à manches longues
pour la course du matin -
l'été capitule
a sprinkle of rain
sets the apples rotting
hungry wasps
cemetery grass
littered with chestnut husks
and beech nuts
frost warning -
the woodchuck nibbles an apple
. . . unconcerned
old  priorities check
above as below
wan sunshine
breaks through the crisp air
golden acorns
that evil thought again
separate now
the new goal devotion
writing on the heart
autumn morning  -
rain dancing
on the puddles
fallen fruit
speckle the grass under the apple tree
the dog barks
as the dustmen work
alarm ringing
two men on the street
talk about their health problems
a crow laughs
september dew -
a spider web between
the brake handles


lumière d'automne -
une toile d'araignée
entre les poignées de frein
mint in the grass
beneath thick trunks of ivy
leaves yellow and fall
the cat's shrubbery den
a finger of wind
creeps through the open window
a crow's call

rain – how much
before we all float
dry land  - a fairytale
yellow rose
casts its petals to the wind
fading buddleia
Finally I stop walking
Lingonberry lays down
its heavy load

* * *

Seisahdun viimein
Puolukka laskee maahan
raskaan taakkansa
rain clouds
reflected in puddles
swallow's flight
Labor Day's reads
romance, romance...
horizontal rain
hammers at the window
the cat, soaking
natures beauty grows
branches reaching to great heights
my silver oak climbs
yellow petals
cover the surface of the pond
autumn leaves
fiery montbretia
fives a last flare of colour
wild arum drumsticks
old man crow
eating apples on the tree
shouts at starlings
suspended in the hedgerow
glitter in the sun