One edge
hanging over the mountain--
the Milky Way


stop and go traffic
on Hollywood freeway
with over 100 F heat
a red-haired driver starts
waving her bra
first autumn rain-
green and yellow leaves
skitter down the street
searching for the blanket
of old friendships
morning sunshine
a yellow Welsh poppy
mirrors the sky
sun worship
dipping in fresh river
warm gathering


summer rain
yellow leaves sail down
under evening sun

A Brisker Gait

with autumn,
a certain queasiness bares
itself; even his
brisker gait betrays
a sadness for summer's departure

..circa September 21, 2010
..Copyright 2010 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Harmony
two hundred or more rooks
pass over and over
home depot run
admiring the mauve mums
before entering
sparrows chase blue tits
away from the bird table
showers of seed
evening commute
tree gone from in front of the porch
weeds in full view
Rising mists
now cast a different light
--on our affair
mahonia buds
ready for winter's flowers
I plant tulips
O image squatter,
the harvest moon has gone
you were sleeping

.circa Spt.25, 2010/Copyright 2010 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram

twilight thoughts --
roots dreaming of what might be
in vain the trees remain silent
I know their secrets
freshly cut grass
wallows under a downpour
apples fall unnoticed
cherry leaves
turn autumnal yellow
chattering sparrows
honeysuckle -
bright red berries
of twilight


chèvrefeuille -
les baies rouge vif
du crépuscule
chestnut shell -
the dented bed
where the nut lay
yellow poppies
their stems broken by the wind
blue sweet peas

Bare Beaches

sandy beaches bare
misty clouds cloak the thin tide
faint laughter lingers
wind whistles
and the trees bow before it
wet leaves in the gutter
through the front door
full moon
tangled in tree branches

the first pumpkin
of the season-
Sun’s mirror

raindrops clatter
on the plastic outhouse roof
polygonum flowers
morning commute
full moon breaks through lacy clouds
to dip toward the hill
your head from the rain
you leave

* * *

pääsi sateelta
at the karaoke
i was so delighted, as if
we were doing a duet
as the music stopped, i learned
you were just a microphone
velvet darkness
the sound of a motorbike
in the night
Sun catch wet roof
alive by
almost silent
horse-drawn carriage,
cobblestones await

..circa August 30, 2010
.Copyright 2010 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram
opium poppy
flowers too late to make seed
sparrows mob the bird table
the children's swing
stops swinging
foreclosed house

Notes From the Gean
Vol. 2, Issue 2
September 2010
first light
inhaling the crisp cool air
expelling a new day
Only then I notice
yellow gold running down
the birch branches

* * *

Äkkiä huomaan
kulta virtaa alas
koivunoksia pitkin
slanted sunlight
creeps past the horizon
overhead: dark clouds


falling rain
darkness passes
in silence
early morning,
people run to the underground,
sleepy persons
late autumn,
always hasten afar
gloomy clouds
the sun a smile,
gold leaves of birches
in parks and squares
raindrops splash
in the dog's water bowl
a snail has drowned
choir practice
the missing chorus
of cicadas


separate from the beloved
connecting by name


near the gagan
time slips away
squalls of cold rain
yellow poppies are still
morning mist -
geometry lesson
of cobwebs


brouillard matinal -
la leçon de géométrie
des toiles d'araignée
rush hour
the mid-September brisk
Santa's elves rehearsing

..circa Sept. 17, 2010
..Copyright 2010 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram

open pod
cradling seeds, crescent
moon so still
crispness in the air
slowing to embrace
the cool of the day
I tried to cut the distance
to a bird flock
but instead
I cut up messy mirages
of flapping wings
dry lavender heads
stage lit by morning sunshine
road side sycamores
apple peel sliver-
this bridge over the River Ouse
breaking cloud cover
market run-
new apples looky juicier
than last week's pickings
I feel alone
amidst a crowd
still hard to fill the void
you left behind

Sketchbook, Vol. 5, No. 4
July/August 2010
darker clouds
the first spot of rain
on my nose
not a cloud
huge blue sky...
I did not notice the sun
leaf shadows
flicker against a wall
window-ledge moss
evening commute
during Dr. Who rehash
next year's garden plans
the butcher orders
a new knife
strong breeze
whips towels from the line
roadside leaves
Is everything all right
the Moon asked
between showers
mid morning break-
reveling in
the cool of the day


time slips away
view the sky
this night
rain patters
over the plastic roofing
Russian vine flowers
favourite weather
fine drizzle and being buzzed
by grey wagtails
treasured chore
unpacking sweaters and jackets
to enjoy the brisk days
City got wet,
Under cover of umbrellas
Persons will hide
Leaves fall,
Eternal rest on the earth
Let find
The summer will present
Bright colors color,
Rainbow in the sky
weeping willow tree
under sodium vapour light
urban cats prowl
footsteps crunching
in the early leaf litter
brown hazelnuts
soldier’s new bride
a brisk wind blasts open
her empty mailbox

World Haiku Review
Vol. 8, No. 1, August 2010
a flock of swifts
take shelter from the rain
sudden silence
harbingers of fall-
champagne grapes at the market
next to sweet peaches
the crunch of pear
eaten straight from the tree;
splashing through puddles
Such unexpectedness...

Wind impulses,
The gate to a garden will squeak,
The dream will disturb
Has looked at the sky after a rain, and there a rainbow

The sun a smile,
Drops of a rain are shone,
Rainbow in the sky
The memoirs on summer cause the most pleasant associations which I express in verses

Shout of a cuckoo
Awakes silence of morning
Sonorous echo
woken by sunshine
streaming through the window
a snail at the top
autumn splendor
new uniforms
at the bus stops

old autumns cascade
bright colors that scorch and burn
a bridge for lost souls
poppy leaves
speckled with raindrops
bright nasturtiums
first light
crispness in the air
whispers of coming fall
constant hiss
from the early morning rain
sparrows bathe in the guttering
the wherewithal
of splinters

circa: Sept. 7/10..Copyright 2010 Spiros Zafiris
a gentle wind
nudges the tattered leaf
her father's death
freeway drizzle
he helps his only daughter
move out

The Herons's Nest
Vol. XII, No. 3, September 2010
red-suited arum
lurking beneath the shrubbery
next door's mangy cat
an old pond
thistles release their down
by the grey water

september sun

september sun
chasing the clouds
before breakfast

gerald england

time quickly
drifts away
early morn
grey clouds
like hand-me-down jumpers
sullen sparrows
conference pears
fall unripened to the ground
little red apples
chill in the air
fall creeping over the world
feast from the bird table
blue tits wait
moonlit night
how can i find you
in galactic map?

terang bulan
di peta galaksi
kaukah itu?
It is autumn,
Even from rain drops
Cold blows
Only early in the morning
Can see as in dew drops
The sun plays
In rustle of leaves
it is not possible to hear
That them disturbs