One edge
hanging over the mountain--
the Milky Way


crow burial
under pines-- the distant
mourning caws



walking faster--
both with notable scarves,
man and dog
..(C)2012 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram

I CAN LIVE | Pen Poetry

I CAN LIVE | Pen Poetry

..the tree

its leaves down--
each branch almost
in shock--
a choir nears;
calms our tree with spring songs
..(C)2012 Spiros Zafiris..channeled;
spirit Harmony; reaching into the poet's

wherever I turn
you are there
no more
He's like a shadow:
Still deer on sunlit lawn
Glides into the shade.


under the tree
they lie with open mouths--
each hopes
he will be first
to snatch a falling leaf

..(C)2012 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram; reaching
into the poet's heart
Note: this may be mild kyoka


a tightrope
walker he felt
this moment
hurricanes may veer
what matters is this poem
..(C)2012 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram; reaching
into the poet's heart

a robin
under the hedge -
the shadow beats


un rouge-gorge
sous la haie -
l'ombre palpite

autumn evening
clouds like golden worsted
ah! what a joy

autumn serenade

colorful leaves
swirling like ballarinas
through the town's streets

fluttering, twirling
delicate signatures in flight
rising moth, falling leaf

..some in flannels

early autumn
some wear soft flannels
others are in coats
perhaps I should call her to meet--
surprise ourselves with how I'll dress
(C)2012 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Harmony; reaching
into the poet's heart

..from the window

why,  sorrowfully,
count the leaves, as they embrace
the ground,
from my perch by the window
I may miscount my darling tree's children
..(C)2012 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Harmony; reaching
into the poet's heart
mother said
four-leaf clover was
a plain lie
soon, i whispered
you won't need wheelchair

Fragrance of life

the one and only season
the colours, the weather, the scent
fragrance of life
den eneste ene
farverne, vejret, lugten
duften af liv

raindrops ripple
come and go
just like you
mark a lifeless doe
fall clouds

Autumn Haiku

winds rise from the north
cool whips of air encircle
latent thoughts of warmth
blue moon sinks
balance restored --
the sight of the full moon
brings back good memories
vanishing summer
through the broken fence
I can see the second full moon
of Autumn

No lies

the wind
tells me everything
no lies between us
surprises though often
late Summer days

fortæller mig alting
ingen løgn mellem os
overraskelser ofte
sensommer dage

Late Summer Affair

the wind gently rattle the leaves
makes soft ripples through my mind
and slowly the Sun
heat my head up
to a drowsy state of mind
late Summer affair


vinden stille rasler med bladene
laver bløde krusninger gennem min hjerne
og langsomt varmer solen mit hoved
til en søvnig sindstilstand
en sensommer affærer
'Jazz Record Requests'  -
trumpets of nasturtium
sway in the garden
moon viewing party--
a dove couple and I
share silence

(also on Haiku Bandit Society)

trees already leafless

trees already leafless
undressing now the sky…
I remain breathless

Diana Teneva

wind’s blowing

wind’s blowing -
ghost marooning
in open fields...

Diana Teneva

The Full Moon

the full moon
behind the clouds
the sound of rain

leaves in yellow, red

leaves in yellow, red –

I let them fall instead

little, tiny crumbs of bread…

barefoot and paleface

barefoot and paleface -

my tears rolling down efface

the raindrops with grace…

sitting cushion

sitting cushion
a friend for todays accident
viewing the full moon