One edge
hanging over the mountain--
the Milky Way


rain of ashes
a wild cat
got new coat

hujan abu
seekor kucing liar
berganti bulu

evacuation camp
a plastic bucket
collecting ashes

kamp pengungsi
sebuah ember plastik
menampung debu

Ashes rain poured down after the eruption of Merapi. Cities around the volcano turn grey, students returned much earlier from schools. Thousands evacuated from the mountain slope. Check the news here


Vida said...

Wahyu, are you all right? Is your house in this region?
Great images in the poems!:)

Wahyu W. Basjir said...

Yes, Vida. The ashes and tiny grain of sands keep falling from the night sky. A football stadium nearby is now used for temporary shelter.

The volcano repeatedly erupted, causing 600 little earthquakes and the mushroom cloud reached 8 km height.

Vida said...

What an experience! I cannot even imagine it! Be very careful then and be well! (as well as one can be in that situation:))
I hope that the volcano would get tired soon:)

Beatrice V said...

Sending good wishes Wahyu, hope things come under control soon again, and that you and family are well.

Wahyu W. Basjir said...

I am working with a group of volunteer in Jogja. More assistance needed. Please contact Insist Press humanitarian taskforce, Bonar Saragih +6281328222305 and Dian Rachmawati at +628562851777.

Thank you,