One edge
hanging over the mountain--
the Milky Way


the child wonders
the rest

The Mainichi Daily News
Nov. 3, 2010


Dennis Tomlinson said...

A world of imagination in just a few words

P K Padhy said...

Dear Mr Dennis
Many thanks for your kind words and poetic touch.

PK Padhy

me said...

Gorgeous Haiku

Alan Summers said...

I agree with Dennis, his comment is spot on! ;-)

all my very best

2010 With Words Haiku Competition: weblink

Jim Tantillo said...

awesome haiku, really a good one.

Spiros Zafiris said...

..yess, mighty


P K Padhy said...

My respectful regards to Dennis,Maya Idriss,Alan summers,Jim Tantillo and Spiros Zafiris for your kind poetic words.

P K Padhy

Christine L. Villa said...

a very good one! :-)