One edge
hanging over the mountain--
the Milky Way


mild chill
the holding of hoverflies
at the canal gates

One of my favourite late breakfasts is the Captain Pugwash
at the Lock Inn

(click highlighted 'Lock Inn' for wonderful images)



Paul Smith said...

I enjoyed this Alan, 'the holding of hoverflies' works so well.

hovering by the phone
awaiting an invite
to the Lock Inn

Great images Alan, it looks fantastic.

Area 17 said...

Aye, Paul, you'd love it.

The idea of a haiku day there would be great. Nearby is the River Avon with "River Kingfishers" winging by, one even crossed the big park one day. ;-)

Area 17

Beatrice V said...

Ha ha ha I love Paul's take on this!

John McDonald said...

I enjoyed too

John McDonald said...

what a delightful place - lovely part of England

Rachel Green said...

How delightful!