One edge
hanging over the mountain--
the Milky Way


the wind dies
flocks of sparrows
in the poplars
the wind blows litter
from dustbins on the pavement
an old fox eats
on the step
his best shoes
full of rain
you can only hear them
traveling through the fog
crows on morning exercise
horizontal rain
lashes at the windows
mustard-coloured clouds
stiff winds
strip of the last cherry leaves
willow hangs on
out of the mist a couple
recycling goods
disappearing again
morning walk--
grand parents and children
with the sun

the birds return
with grey moon

window painting
moon close to her shyness
veiled in curtain

stretched desert
gentle shift of the shadow
of a lean branch

orange sun--
morning freshens with

Simply Haiku,Summer 2011,Vol.9,No.3
the sun
hangs just above the horizon
wet leaves steaming

walking to school
their breath steams in the cold air
dogs in the garden
the day is breaking
in slow motion
streetlamp went off
to my puppy’s frustration
Blackbirds everywhere
out of reach
a squirrel
runs along the parkside path
wild geese
as the day begins
dogs barking
the world stands
barely awaken
in whiteness shorten
morning mist
fades to drizzling rain
indoors cat
in low flight breaking
the morning chillness
barely visible
the Willow in the fog
November quietness
the street lights become
points of refuge
sudden chill
wisps of burned frost
on the road
an aeroplane in the night
missing stars
the road outside
polka-dot with fallen leaves
mushrooms on the lawn
left on the tree
summer bedding
blooms in the mild weather
the fish are sluggish
trails of berries
under the shrimp bush
the cat
a curtain of rain
veils the sullen field
a crow huddles
shafts of sunlight
break through low clouds
yellow leaves
sunny interval -
the path of plane trees


éclaircie -
l'allée de platanes
garden wiegela
puts out another bloom
rampant nasturtiums
while watching television
across my window
full moon at dawns light
emerging from the woods
we become entangled
in your prickly past

rancid swamp breath
have we lost our way?
a duck paddles past

our carved initials
no longer legible
in contorted growth
defending territory
housecats cower
out a window, it is warmer than
this autumn morn
trees are happy somewhere,
like when she called me her baby
..(C)2011 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Harmony; reaching
into the poet's heart
branch and streetlamp
through the window
another world

soft rustling above
the cool blue sky warms
to orange applause

lavishly released
held by the wind's cupped hands
the paintings descend

ambushed by fragrance
we freely trod upon
small masterpieces

midnight lamp post
screech owl makes a call
fox trundles past
traffic lights
reflected in wet streets
church silhouette
sluggish fish
in the garden pond
maple leaves
barren branch
the lone bird choruses
with me

early evening
the bat moves

Chrysanthemum-10,October 2011
Rising moon
evening extends
to sky

Honorable Mention, Asahi Haiku,October 21,2011

the tree
planted long ago
grows slowly
beneath soil and root
she lies
sweet Queenie the cat
sea sprays -
with and without glasses
fuzzy horizon


embruns -
avec et sans lunettes
les lointains flous
sparrows find grubs
among the fallen leaves
next year's seedlings
not too windy
and leaves chase me...
I know they hurt
..(C)2011 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram
the alarm
pulls me from soft-focus sleep
crows in the garden
blowing from the north
first fallen leaves collect
on the southern side
fall on fresh snow
last leaves
red leaves
much more brightly
the first snow
rain patters
on the plastic shed roof
butterfly cocoons
in the front yard
naked trees
and thick brown carpet
to my dogs delight
autumn playmate
droplets of water
hang from hedgerow like jewels
red berries
Without wild ducks
The lake becomes empty
the fallen leaves
the autumn wind chases
on sidewalk
rattling wind
a scarecrow flaps his hands
leaf fall
in the stilled shadows of night
fingering a rosary of regrets
next door's cat
the dog lets himself out
through the cat flap
damp grass
covered in sycamore leaves
compost worms
behind stone fence
a cloud of crows hover
sad delight
unusual whiteness
first snow
late autumn
painted by the first frost
constellation of stars