One edge
hanging over the mountain--
the Milky Way


skitter along the road
children creep to school
another hour
to my Sunday
summertime is over
dreamlike falling
yellow/red leaves
autumn sun reflect
sycamore leaves
cover the front lawn
starlings bicker
slow ripples
on the still pond - like
stained glass
emerge from the mist
a crow's call
the fence steams
under the morning sun
bluetits gather
red maples
a new nursery
is waiting
fall rain-
brone, gold and red leaves
skitter down the street
a single bluetit
seeks insects on the buddleia
before the rain
Chinese gooseberries
hang like tiny paper lanterns
backlit clouds
autumn leaves turn orange
clinging desperately to trees
sighing in the wind
crows  -
autumn's door closing
on rusty hinges
rain-speckled windows
a thrush picks snails
from the garden wall

the Red Deer's
guttural roar - as if the
woods were on fire

Photo Red Deer Bull by Ben Bawden
in the gathering grey
of an October afternoon
pigeons squabbling
yellow fingers
clinging to the cherry tree
a lonely sparrow
from the night's rain
broken willow


sheer melodrama--
yesterday's shoots prepare
for autumn's departure
I prefer to feign ignorance,
opting to think of her
..(C)2011 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Harmony;
reaching into the poet's heart
new flowers
on the lavender bush
soft rain
one or two naps
miscounted--and all the leaves
have fallen
..(C)2011 Spiros Zafiris
still night
near full moon
crackles in the runoff
autumn weeps
puddles of scarlet leaves -
the cut that never quite heals
clearing skies-
a crow on top of the pine
caws and flaps
maroon acer leaf
floats in a rain puddle
household paw prints
the last of the apples
lies rotting on the lawn
late pigeon chicks
leaves fall
on your outstretched hands...
giving to the end
..(C)2011 Spiros Zafiris
golden leaves
scattered like withered hearts
darkling world
emptying the bird-table
planting a peanut farm
a night of rain
the clatter of dustbins
on the street
stiff breeze
through the open window
the tang of petrol
ring, ye bells!
flood the streets, your chimes
leaf upon fallen leaf
..(C) 2011 Spiros Zafiris
..mostly channeled; spirit Ram
yellow birch leaves
caught on lavender spikes
old poppy rattles

Camber Sands

the slurred landscape shifts -
I'm walking into grey

Photo by Alex Bienfait
I avoid
looking at the leaves
they tumble, tumble
..(C) 2011 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram
speckled with frost diamonds
and mist
lights along the quay
the dogs in town are barking
at the staring moon

Becici, Montenegro
red viburnum leaves
look like springtime tulips
cold rain

wind and waves
around her

spirit offering
wind stirs
the ancient pine
California creeper
scarlet as the season's bale fires
nasturtium flowers
reflected from yellow leaves
dappled cat

A Barren Heath

on a barren heath
winters drab colors hold sway
spring a dream to come

Auras In Blue

wispy sky's afloat
shimmering auras in blue
summers last perfume
speckles of rust
appear on the apples
the crows don't mind
by hostess
flaunts her beauty
late autumn
in wrinkled tattoos
handful of petals
in twilight
on a web desire
the first star
cold wind
wipes the pavement dry
bracket fungus
indian summer -
a dried twig
in her hair


été indien -
une brindille sèche
dans ses cheveux
cherry leaves
black against the dawn
sparrow song
autumn leaves
on the pavement
curled and scratching
the shout of a heron
somewhere in the mist -
circles on the water


le cri d'un héron
quelque part dans la brume -
des ronds sur l'eau
shaggy ink caps
fruit in the safety of brambles
arums topple

winds talk, leaves answer
a losing battle for leaves
autumn weather
crows squabble
in the sycamores
fallen fruit
in the cemetery
magpie strutting
trees bend
in an unforgiving wind
dry leaves clatter
little brown sparrows
in the sycamore trees
orange Sainsbury's bags
evening commute
gold and bronze leaves
shimmer in the sunset
smoke slips up the chimney
summer's spent blossoms
tap at the window
spinning leaves-
a Mommy and Me dance
recital in the park
beach flags
clatter in the wind
gulls and crows
steely clouds
a crow ventures forth
sycamore safety
golden sun
drips from willow leaves
morning rain