One edge
hanging over the mountain--
the Milky Way


sweeping the snow
in old boots -
my cramped feet


balayant la neige
dans de vieilles bottines -
mes pieds à l'étroit
in the hollows
a pond cradled
in ice and snow

Sun's child
left on Earth
to warm every season
the patterns of frost-
black-headed gulls squabble
over a rooftop
sitting at the stop light-
tree fills with black birds
and empties again
I walk into thick fog
and bring out a poem
to the nest
in a race with the rain
a young squirrel

at twilight
fields of blue snow -

Photo Cold Winter Landscape by D Reichardt
not yet winter...
the barn owl rehearses
a snowfall lament
..circa Dec. 5, 2010
..Copyright 2010 Spiros Zafiris
..mostly channeled; spirit Ram
rook chatter
tracking each snowflake
to the end

Asahi Shimbun (2010)
these trees; still pointing
still leading
..circa Nov. 28, 2010
..Copyright 2010 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram
half-opened window -
some snowflakes
in the cage of mice


fenêtre entrouverte -
quelques flocons blancs
dans la cage des souris
early snowflakes
what grand rapture!
each one chimes

..circa December 3, 2010
..Copyright 2010 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram
across the garden
where I've retraced my steps
the snow remembers me
a frozen world cast in black and white
we smile
at these scant, pirouetting flakes precociously winter

..circa Thursday, December 2, 2010
..Copyright 2010 Spiros Zafiris
from the last fallen leaf
to the first dancing snowflake
I am struggling with
the betweenness
Dressing up
in ruffles of white
-all the trees
snow -
the trees
all one blossom
swirls of beautiful death
lay a silent world to rest
magpie seeking food

soft shoe shuffle
a couple dance the blues away
in the snow

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