One edge
hanging over the mountain--
the Milky Way


prep for winter
auto emission repair
a mere two twenty five dollars
rain drums on the roof
of a tin bus shelter
John loves Peter
Autumn dark
stiff by night frost
vapor trails criss-cross the sky --
celestial navigotors
and here am I stuck on earth
clouds fall from
unbroken sheets of grey
next-door's dog on our lawn
joyful distraction
frogsong slips thru' the sound
of splashing water
persistent rain
the scent of yesterday's bread
lost in damp leaves
autumn storm -
rush of clouds beetween
streetlights and moon


tempête d'automne -
entre lune et réverbères
la course des nuages
dead leaves
at the front door
a gift of the wind
choppy waters under grey skies
anger surges over the dinner table --

Thanksgiving Day
car windows steamed up
a plastic bottle pops
under the tyre
growing chill
Gnome works in his garden
and whistles
bright sunshine
mitigates the wind chill
old chestnuts creak
this old man
misses the rustling leaves
leaf blower
thanksgiving eve-
humming as I leave the plant
for all night cook off

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone :)
over the graves of children
cold breezes

edited - thanks David
holiday menu
how much goodness do I want
on the table
old leather leaf
by poet

leaves pile up
by the back door

leather-hued, worn and scuffed

cold, stark, bare
we wait for winter
evening drive
tapping my fingers
to wipers' beat
leaves fly past
dancing in the strong wind
the dog watches them
flying ants
a search for light
ends by the stove
swift rainclouds
a rusty black cab
with one headlight

stars splinter

under night's indigo dome --
the season of memories about to begin

bare branches let the light shine weakly

gray skies fill me with glee
the smell, the feel, the sight
of fall is mine to keep

lobelias flash blue
as the wind whips fallen leaves
school children shiver

All night the the wind and rain
clawed at the scored slopes of the mountain

Photo Climbing Snowdon by Kris Thirty6Red
Sunday market
a fountain of colour
mahonia flowers
hooked on
his intoxicating charm-
crescent moon
poor fellow,
crucified...the wind moans
in a withered field
dust unsettles --
the storm creaks
my knuckles
autumn, come and gone
rich russet leaves turn brown
Autumn gust
still leaves
scatter again
the dog won't come in
out of the misting rain
pink cyclamen flowers
your eyes see
only far horizon
November and love ends
end of week -
the neighbours' cherry tree
turns yellow


fin de semaine -
le cerisier des voisins
vire au jaune
Mandy Smith, has passed away quietly,  two days ago, this news was left on Mandy's Meanderings by her son David.
early commute
leafless tree swaying
in the moonlight
raindrops roll down
the golden leaf
first day in hospice

Mainichi (Japan) Daily News
Nov.2, 2002, (No. 641)

Also in my book, Rustle of bamboo leaves
gray skies, fill my soul with glee
the smelling of burning leaves
the crisp air fills my heart
sounds of moving on
the mere sight of Autumns gold
is all but mine to keep
cherry red leaves
fall at my feet
tomorrow is leaf day
long harsh winter nears
the earths beauty blinded in white
sweet elderberry hurry hurry
time to sleep and dream
coming winter's snow is deep
dream of warm days in the meadow
silk flowers
cartwheel along grassy paths
wind-swept cemetery

through leafless trees

through leafless trees
the lights of the pub
on the moor

gerald england

market run
rainbow of mums fill the aisles
with gold aster acceents

Winter Berry

winter berry bright
star in the night
red in the snow
gusty wind
the acorns pop
under my feet
impromptu kite
motorcycle cover blows off
in the high wind
leaves fall
onto the pool
on the path
the leaves have fallen
ahead of me
stair-rods of rain
the windowsill fanned
by an irritated cat

edited with Alan's help - thank you
autumn storm
the fifth symphony
on FM

the splendor of fall
through my window I can see
rich red maple trees
morning commute
enjoying the stars
peek through wispy clouds
autumn is over for me
I'm asked to be Santa Claus
cos someone's sick
november morning
in the sun's amber glow
the illusion of sunset
battalion of geese
taking wing --
tiny skidmarks on the sky

rainy day –

a different sort

of backache

windy day –

his mother follows

holding her hat

motorbike covers
billow like Superman capes
The sun dodges clouds
warm autumn weekend
yellow and gold leaves
flooding the run off

last leaf
re-learning the art
of letting go

lashing rain
in the morning darkness
the hiss of tyres

edited 4:30 pm. Thanks Alan
muddied leaves
slick beneath my feet
just as in love --
I must tread gingerly

(revised -- thanks, Alan!)
smell of damp invades
garden sodden and withered --
birdsong brightly crisp
police sirens
nightshade berries blood-red
on leafless stems

edited 3:30pm - Thanks Alan.
hurricane passes...
a crow wades through
the grass

It's awfully late in the year for a hurricane!
strolling out
with their new baby -
fluffy clouds drifting
pansies and hot chestnuts
among the market stalls
herbal cough sweets
Friday the 13th
I shoo a black cat
from my driveway
new leaves
on the garden shed -
the cherry tree gives up


de nouvelles feuilles
sur l'abri de jardin -
le cerisier renonce
Christmas trees
decorated - red
apples hang in the orchard
morning commute
wisps of white clouds
roll though the sky

meeting old friends
1000 renga verses keep us
out of the rain

Roger McGough loves our 1000 Verse Renga Project,
and thinks it's a lovely idea!

washing bedclothes
covered in muddy paw prints
hot water bottles
family tree-
another branch falls
into the darkness

my cousin died suddenly last night
the last leaves -
yellow points of light
against the grey
through the trees
the wind
telling an old story
dogs demand comfort
after barking in the rain
my tea is spilled
birthday ginko-
single red passion flower
bounces on the vine
soldier’s name
the prime minister suffers
a little mortification

Times Online: November 9, 2009
Gordon Brown ‘mortified’ over misspelt letter of condolence:
bees in final delirium --
then a kiss of deep oblivion
Armistice Day
the wisteria leaves
turn a drab yellow

scritch of the rakes
springy sweet-scented mound
only your feet show

as she lays her rose
a sigh
lichen-covered pavement
the clatter of a dustcart
drowns the birdsong

Another haiga collaboration with my friend Ashe from England. Published in my book, Rustle of bamboo leaves.

an empty nest
rides the autumn wind
newly-wed daughter
fields languish
beneath woodsmoke --
dark roots dreaming of a new spring to come
sleeping late
orange dawn startles me
at the front door
winter proclaim its arrival
whirlwind of leaves

scritch of the rakes
springy sweet-scented mound
and then you vanish

pale daybreak--
my son mourns for
a dead bug
cold pale sun
oak leaves rustle
under my feet
autumn mizzle
I leave the apartment moody
and be lost to the elements
vaporous moon
in a cerulean sky
squirrels taunt the dogs
gray November
a crow stands waiting
in the outfield
fall collection
honor guards unload
a scourge of starlings
the cat's tail flicks
under the bench

edited - thank you Alan
flakes of black ash
and the scent of gunpowder
misted windows
wood of oaks
laid bare by autumn
- balls of mistletoe


bois de chênes
mis à nu par l'automne
- des boules de gui
soft patter
last leaves dropping -
November in full throttle
swans -
two old ladies
freshly turned earth
on a waterlogged grave
dead chrysanthemums
lamps become dots of light
on misty streets
ducks seek meagre rations
falling hail dissuades them not
lining up in queue
clouds take turns
pummelling feathered heads

mid morning run
wanting to enjoy outside
just a bit longer
early november
the vees of geese
now lowercase
leaves join
last year's leaves -
feeding the root
cold fur shivers
in the wind from passing cars
shades of autumn larches

end of day -
november moon
takes me back


fin de journée -
la lune de novembre
me raccompagne
intermittent rain
the shirts spend another day
with the crows
evening commute
at hill's crest just beyond reach
melon Hunter moon
Full  moon,  this morning
falling asleep in the arms
of the rising sun  

tall grasses
wrestle with the wind --
getting tangled in the sheets
...but some trees
are evergreen

(for Mandy)
pendulous clouds
blanket fields with dark rain
dog walkers huddle
towards winter path
leaving behind – words
For Mandy
morning coffee
her autumn breath joins
rising fog

early drive
full moons tilts toward
blinking power pole

for mandy smith

sunlit warm wood floor
shadow of a falling leaf -
this fragile moment

sunlit treetops
over the football pitch
a rainbow smile

Mandy Smith of an esteemed contributor of the seasonal blogs for a long time, is going into a hospice and will not be returning.
Her intention was to delete her blog but, urged not to do so, has asked a friend to take it over and keep the contents online.

She has emailed many of her contacts and asked to say that she does not want anyone to mourn for her but thanks those who have made contact with her over recent years.
Our thanks and appreciatiation to Mandy for her contribution, and blessings and prayers for her.

Beatrice V

November darkness
a shower of meteors
no rain tonight

Autumn Haiku 2008 ©Mandy Smith 2008
early morning drive
moon peeks over white cloud cover
in a coal black sky
straining through the trees:
tea in full moon
rain beats a rhythm
on an umbrella drum
dry leaf harmony
mowing the last
of the year's growth
dia de los muertos
crawling back to bed
I tried hard to chase
my interrupted dream
upon realizing
it's daylight saving day
their room
fills with silence
this All Souls day
even her unrocking
rocking chair
all saints day
from the corner of my eye
someone    no one
ghost at the window
...full moon
rain pelts down
soaking bonfire ashes
mournful church bells
leaves changing colour
this is it -
black spot delivered