One edge
hanging over the mountain--
the Milky Way


freesias as space ships!
a hanging basket reminds me
of walks to school


Paul Smith said...

What planet was that Alan?
I really like the heart of this one, it's quite special.

flying saucers -
mum lifts the kitten
off the table

Area 17 said...

It was definitely Planet Alan, as always. ;-)

I love your's, it's very 1950s scifi inspired. ;-)

Bit of a long explanation but I've leading a lot of life experience workshops recently that Karen and I do.

The last one focused on childhood simply because one person in particular felt they could not remember anything before being 18 years old.

We soon had remembering things from the age of 3 years onwards though! ;-)

But I also remembered that I loved my half hour walks to school when I was around 8 years old, and as terrible as it was, I picked freesias and used their stamens as space missiles, having big inter-galactic battles.

I'm surprised freesias exist to this day!

all my best,


diana l. said...

Hey, Alan, I could use some of those tricks for remembering one's childhood in my private practice...(too bad it's somewhat inconvenient for me to attend your workshops!)

A fun haiku.

Area 17 said...

Too bad we can't hook up! ;-)

Once teleport systems are cheaper are we haiku writers going to have fun! ;-)

Area 17