One edge
hanging over the mountain--
the Milky Way


early morning sound
exodus geese
swim streams cool air


Area 17 said...

That's a fantastic line:
exodus geese

early morning sound
exodus geese
swim streams cool air

I really like those first two lines, but I got a bit lost in the last line.

I found this quote on the web:

When the sun heats the earth, some areas heat up more than others, depending on the nature of the surface.

This causes the air above the surfaces to rise, producing a strong current of air, even though on the ground everything may appear quite still.

These updrafts, called "thermals," are doughnut-shaped bubbles of hot air and have been known to rise to heights of 10,000 feet (3 kilometers).

Another way an updraft is produced is when the wind strikes a hill or a mountain.

The wind is forced up the mountainside, and this air movement continues past the mountaintop.

When a bird finds an updraft that is rising at a faster rate than the bird would be descending, it can "ride" on it, usually circling as it goes, to stay within the rising air.

Like a sail, the outstretched wings catch the updraft.

Thus birds can gain altitude with virtually no effort.

This type of flight is called "soaring."


Cassiopeia Rises said...

Thank you Alan. Yes I know heat rises but for the poem's sake I made them swim in stream of cool autumn air
I am glad you liked most of it.