One edge
hanging over the mountain--
the Milky Way


on the step
his best shoes
full of rain


Leovi said...

Typical fall.

Vida said...

Love this!

Beatrice V said...

I love it too, Rachel, really very good one!

P K Padhy said...

So vivid and excellent!

P K Padhy

Sarah Lauren said...

this is not a haiku good but not a haiku

Beatrice V said...

@Sarah Lauren: whether it is a haiku or not, it is subjective. If you measure it by classical standards, it is definitely not a haiku. However, looking a the essence of it in contemporary terms -in my opinion, it is very much a haiku.

diana l. said...

Whatever it is, it's sad and wonderful and I've been there (maybe not my BEST shoes...)